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You might be an Exensionista if...

You're a team player who loves to learn from, be inspired by and support your fellow stylists. You love to contribute your time, expertise, thoughts and ideas to help those around you succeed.

You aren't afraid of commitment and are ready to dedicate the next few years of your career to mastering the key skills you need to succeed in the salons of the future.

You are passionate about becoming the best extension stylist you can be. You enjoy working hard to improve your skills and taking every opportunity you can to learn and grow - not just behind the chair but in your life as well.

You are a friendly and fun stylist who gets excited for every guest in your chair, can match energy, make conversation easily and exude confidence and style.

You love meticulous, detail-oriented work and don't mind spending all day with only one or two guests because you can look back at what you've done and see you have created a masterpiece that your guest will enjoy for months to come.

You are ready to be an industry leader and experience the potential of the fastest-growing, most profitable, and most life-changing hair service available in the salon today.

Giving women their confidence back and helping them to feel like their most beautiful versions of themselves is your very reason for being a part of this beautiful industry. 


What are you looking for in your dream salon?


Are you living to work or working to live?

here at Crown we believe in life-work balance.

We believe to show up and be the best stylist you can be, having enough time for yourself and to be with your family is important. That's why we believe in flexible scheduling, paid in-salon education and 3 day weekends - every weekend!

We are a team-based pay salon, so you can count on steady paychecks, not based on a commission, and opportunities to earn raises every 3 months.


We  believe that Teamwork allows us to succeed much more than we could on our own.
We believe in looking out for fellow stylists, and using any free moments you have to make sure your team is supported. This could mean something as simple as sweeping up for another stylist while they check out their guest to make their clean up process easier, to staying a little later to make sure your fellow stylist does not need to lock up alone. Our bonus system is based on team goals and working together to achieve great things. We believe a rising tide raises all ships and if one of us succeeds, we all do.

Growth & Improvement

we believe in ‘Kaizen’. A Japanese word that translates to: continuous improvement through small changes.

Continuing our education is important to us, and each stylist has an education fund that can be contributed to by the salon by reaching goals. In-salon education classes are provided several times a month, and we seek opportunities to have outside educators brought in whenever possible. We encourage personal growth in all of our team members through reading, discussion and mentorship. 

Our Benefits

We are proud to offer our stylists more than a great place to work, we also offer:
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Education
  • Paid Holidays
  • Educational Opportunities (see below)

Our Education Opportunities

*Bellami Extension Certification in 4 methods of extensions including microbeads, fusions, tape-ins and weft extensions.

* The Crown Standard - an advanced year-long hair extension, cutting & coloring mentorship and training program designed to give you more confidence as a stylist.

* One on One personalized coaching twice a month to hone your business skills and increase your income potential.

*In-salon classes twice a month, provided by outside educators or master stylists, and the opportunity for you to teach classes yourself!

*Crown Salon Education Fund - we believe in education so much that we offer education funds for each of our stylists with opportunities to earn bonuses that they can use for outside educational programs, certifications, licenses and trainings.


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