Lifestyle Employment at Crown

a beautiful career that works for you

We love working at Crown because...

  • 3-day weekends, every weekend!
  • Flexible time off.
  • Hourly pay + bonus starting at $25/hr.
  • Paid education, training and mentorship.
  • Paid time off, holidays and sick pay.
  • All clients provided for you - no need to do outside marketing.
  • No competition, supportive, team-based environment.
  • Consistent, weekly pay - whether you're booked with clients or not.
  • Simple IRA retirement fund with employer match.
  • Health plans and employer contribution.
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching to help you reach your personal & career goals.
  • Team experiences like retreats, travel, monthly book clubs and more!
  • Opportunity to join our education team and travel around the country teaching hair extensions classes.
  • And much more!

"Extensionista" ex·​ten·​sion·​ista 

a hairstylist who specializes in the art of hair extensions


What we believe in

At Crown, we believe in the magic that comes with the confidence of finally loving your hair - perhaps for the first time in your whole life. 

We find joy in the work we do every day, creating happy smiles on our guests’ faces, in a positive environment filled with laughter and fun.

We love working together to create a successful salon through a motivating and supportive environment. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and love celebrating our wins together!

We know that sometimes the biggest victories come from the smallest changes. We believe in consistent growth and movement towards our goals and the power of being coachable.

We are an unapologetically innovative salon that’s not afraid to try new things or think outside of the box. 

We believe in work-life harmony and the power of a team who always has your back. We look out for each other and share everything in a collaborative, supportive and connected environment. 



A career that changes lives

Our extensionistas are changing lives daily by giving women their confidence back. As an 100% extension-focused salon, most of our guests are women who are experiencing thinning or compromised hair and are looking for extensions as a solution. 

Tears of happiness when our guests see themselves with their new, beautiful hair extensions is not uncommon at Crown. You could be the person to give them the gift of loving their hair - perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Extensions provide a life-changing transformation that cut and color services alone just can’t compete with. Giving women their hair and confidence back is a gift that keeps us coming back every day for more.


You may be an Extensionista if...

You're a team player who loves to learn from, be inspired by and support your fellow stylists. You love to contribute your time, expertise, thoughts and ideas to help those around you succeed. You spend every free moment looking for a way to help those around you because you know they will be there for you too when you need them. You’re not afraid to ask for help and are eager to learn. 

You are a friendly and fun stylist who gets excited for every guest in your chair, can match energy, make conversation easily and exude confidence and style. You’re a natural people-person who loves to hype up every woman who comes into the salon, throwing out compliments to everyone around you like confetti. 

You are passionate about growing and improving every day and becoming the best extensionista you can be. You enjoy working hard to improve your skills and taking every opportunity you can to learn and grow, not just behind the chair but in your life as well. You’re not just open to feedback - you thrive on it! You are coachable and see every challenge as an opportunity to grow and do better by implementing small, consistent changes.

You love meticulous, detail-oriented work and don't mind spending all day with only one or two guests because you can look back at what you've done and see you have created a masterpiece. You love the feeling of being in a flow state - that beautiful moment where you are lost in what you’re doing, fully immersed with energized focus and enjoyment of the process. 

You aren't afraid of commitment and are ready to dedicate the next few years of your career to mastering the key skills you need to succeed in the salons of the future. You know in your heart that the key to being successful in anything is to specialize and set yourself apart as an expert - and hair extensions are your golden ticket.

You are ready to be an industry leader and experience the potential of the fastest-growing, most profitable, and most life-changing hair service available in the salon today. You are responsible and take initiative, always looking for ways to help your teammates and the salon without being asked and hold yourself accountable to your goals. You look forward to the day when you eventually are ready to become an industry educator, salon leader or even owner - all wonderful possibilities that will be available to you within the Crown family. 

Giving women their confidence back and helping them to feel like their most beautiful versions of themselves is your very reason for being a part of this beautiful industry. 

A message from our owner

“Hey, Jenna here! I started Crown in 2017 with a dream of uplifting and creating more respect for the salon industry by changing the way hairstylists are compensated and cared for. I wanted to revolutionize the hair extensions industry by creating a repeatable blueprint for a customer journey in a collaborative, team-based environment. I wanted to provide a wealthy life for my extensionistas: financial wealth, relational wealth with coworkers, and freedom of time wealth. I want my extensionistas to see a future for themselves and a career path they can be excited about within Crown. 

I love that my team is so friendly and fun. Every day in the salon is like a party with laughter and smiles all around! My team makes every guest feel like a queen - completely taken care of and the center of attention. They collaborate and work together to care for the guests and each other and are always willing to try something new. When they are presented with a new goal they are flexible and work hard to achieve it. 

The ultimate growth opportunity I want to provide for my stylists is the ability to eventually own their own Crown. I feel that giving my employees the possibility and support of having their own salon one day is the best way to “retire” a hairstylist and I believe that having a long term exit plan for getting out from behind the chair is important. I hope to be able to help everyone who works for me in that process if that is their goal. The ability to earn raises every quarter, gain leadership experience, become a manager and then eventually their own salon owner or pursue other opportunities within our company is something I can’t wait to provide to every person on my team.”

Jenna Bowden | Crown CEO (Chief Extension Officer)
Jenna Bowden | Crown CEO (Chief Extension Officer)

Frequently asked questions:

Where is your salon located?

Crown is located in the heart of Colorado Springs' beautiful & unique West Side, on bustling West Colorado Avenue.

Our salon gets amazing visibility right between Downtown on the Historic Old Colorado City. The people watching is like no other! 

What is your clientele like?

Boss ladies who want to look and feel their best! She’s a woman usually around 30-50 who is established in career or works for herself, whether that be running her own company or selling real estate. She’s a true professional who is consistent and always wants to put her best foot forward. 

What does education look like when I start?

First, we get to know you and how you like to learn - you’ll even take an enneagram and love languages test so that we can tailor our approach to your education. You’ll take part in our structured and extension-focused Crown Standard Program. 

You will assist a lead extensionista and work side by side to ensure that you are fully trained and getting real life experience. You will then be provided with extension models to become certified and ready to take extension guests on your own!

What does my continued opportunity for learning look like?

We have tons of in-salon classes covering everything from financial preparedness, products & services, advanced extensions, consultation - and more! We also offer dedicated, personalized, one on one mentorship with our salon owner and manager to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. There’s even potential for opportunities to move up within the company- or even own your own Crown Extension Studio one day! 

How do you feel about flexibility?

We believe in work- life balance. Our team-based approach makes taking time off easy and we also offer paid vacation. Our 4 day work week is also dreamy! Plus, we provide all of the salon clientele, so you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself or even think about work on your off-hours. 

Are you booth rental or commission?

Neither! We are a team-based pay salon which means that we offer consistent, hourly pay - whether you're with a guest or not! We believe in paying you for what you bring to the team, not how much in services you ring up that day. Our extensionistas love having a consistent paycheck they can count on every week without worry of a "slow season" or not having a guest on their books that day.

What is my earning potential the first year? 3 years in?

We offer a starting pay of $15/hour for the first 3 months while you are in training and jumps immediately to $25/hour after that! Your earning potential is around $49K in year one and jumps to $78K in year two and you're looking at over $100K in year 3.

Our career path gives you an opportunity to earn raises every 6 months and make more consistently with a plan. We are proud to say that our extensionistas have been able purchase homes, cars and live independently without relying on tips or bringing in their own clientele. Now that’s financial freedom!

Do you offer benefits? 

We have all the benefits you won’t find at most salons our size! We offer:

  • Paid vacation: 1 week after your first year, 2 weeks after your second year and 3 weeks after 5 years.
  • Simple IRA retirement plan with up to 3% company match.
  • Paid sick time & holidays.
  • Earn while you learn: paid education, mentorship and staff events.
  • $100 wellness bonus with company health sharing plan and direct primary care benefits.

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