What Are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

At Crown Salon, we understand that choosing the right type of hair extensions can be confusing. One question we frequently get asked is whether we offer “hand-tied” extensions. In this blog post, we aim to clear up any confusion about what hand-tied extensions really are and why we choose to use machine-tied wefts instead.

Many people believe that hand-tied extensions refer to a specific method of attaching the extensions to the hair using a row of beads. While this method can create a clip-in extension type look with volume and fullness, it is not actually what hand-tied refers to. Hand-tied actually only refers to the type of hair weft used, where the hair is tied by hand to the weft. This makes the weft super lightweight, making it a popular option for women with thin hair.

At Crown Salon, while we do offer hand tied extensions upon request, we usually end up offering our guests a machine-tied weft that is deconstructed for a hand-tied appearance and weight. While there are certain advantages to wearing hand-tied wefts, such as the lightweight feel and compatibility with certain extension foundations, we find that machine-tied wefts offer more strength, durability, and fullness. As extension specialists, we offer three different types of extensions, and we believe that there are better options out there for women with fine hair than hand-tied wefts.

Instead, we choose to use machine-tied wefts for our weft extensions. Machine-tied wefts are thick, strong, and provide tons of fullness, especially for those who already have thick hair. Our favorite method to wear extensions is the waterfall beaded row foundation combined with the fullness and strength of Bellami’s machine-tied weft extensions. This method gives our clients a thick, full look that they love.

We hope this blog post has helped to clear up any confusion about hand-tied and machine-tied extensions. If you have any more questions about what extensions are right for you, our team at Crown Salon is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find your perfect extension solution.