Our Team

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Lindy | Salon Manager
Stephanie | Guest Happiness Coordinator
Stephanie | Guest Happiness Coordinator
Jullia | Extensionista
LeeAnn | Extensionista
Erika | Extensionista

Jenna Bowden - CEO (Chief Extension Officer)

A message from our owner

The first time my hands touched hair extensions, I knew immediately that I had found my calling.

I loved the way that adding more hair gave women instant confidence and gave them options where there weren’t any before. Until extensions, for the first 6 years of my career as a stylist, it would break my heart to tell a woman struggling with fine, thinning hair that wouldn’t grow past a certain point that her only option was to cut it shorter to make it look thicker. Her sadness and disappointment was devastating as she realized she would never have the hair she always dreamed of having.

That all changed when a flyer advertising an extension mastery course arrived in a box addressed to me over 5 years ago. I didn’t know it at the time, but that flyer was my ticket to the start of a beautiful journey and what Crown Extension Studio is today. As I saw women all around me who were looking for solutions for their hair struggles but couldn’t find them, and I heard the same stories over and over again about how finding a place they could trust with their hair extensions was so difficult, I realized that opening an extension salon was not just a calling, but a mission placed on my life. I needed to provide a place where women could see any stylist, without the drama of worrying about which stylist they saw in a team-based environment, and know they had intense experience and training. That they had options for their hair type, lifestyle and preference. That there was hair on hand to give them the flexibility they need at a moments notice. That they had a salon they could go to with commitment and pure focus on one thing: extensions.

Today, that dream is still alive: to continue to grow an extension empire, focused on the same desire to help women extend their confidence by extending their hair. Because after all,

Hair is the Crown you never take off.