Why does Colorado Springs need an Extension-Focused Salon?

Crown Extension Studio became a reality in 2017 when extension specialist, Jenna Bowden, saw an ever-growing need for hair loss solutions in Colorado Springs. More and more women were coming in with thyroid issues, hair loss from stress and general breakage and inability to grow their hair past a certain point and were looking for answers.

She would always hear the same thing from new guests: that it was so hard for them to find a salon that specialized in extensions, and here is why: ⠀⠀⠀

– There were only individual stylists who did extensions – not a whole team. What if they went on vacation or they had a problem with their hair and their stylist wasn’t available?
– The stylists they found only did only one kind of extensions – and it wasn’t the right one for them. They had no options.
– How could they know for sure if that stylist had experience, was certified, and knew what they were doing? Extensions are expensive & can cause damage if done improperly!
– Prices were all over the place & it was hard to compare. Other extension stylists use a complicated equation to figure out how much the extensions would cost – and it would change every time. ⠀
THAT’S why Crown Salon & Extension Studio exists – Jenna took all of this feedback and turned it into a salon that you can trust for all of your extension needs.

At Crown, ALL of our extensionistas are certified in Bellami hair extensions as well as complete our own training program to ensure a consistent extension result for all of our guests, so no matter who you see you can expect to look amazing.

We offer 5 different methods of extensions to ensure that we have an extension solution for every hair type, and can explain all of the pros and cons in a way that is easy to understand and help our guests make the best extension choice for them.

In 2020 alone we performed over 600 extension services, and our experience ensures that we have seen it all and can ensure that your extensions are right for you and direct you on proper home care to ensure that your extensions will not damage your hair and you have an overall amazing extension experience.

Our pricing is transparent and available on our website. During your consultation your full price will be explained to you and membership options are available.

If you’re ready to experience the Crown difference, reserve your consultation today! ⠀⠀⠀