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Want 100 bucks?

Our Referral Partner program rewards you for recommending your guests to us for extension services. Here's how you can start earning today:


1: Sign Up

We just need to know a couple of things about you and you will immediately get the special, secret link to send to your guests that will give them a $100 off their new extensions incentive and a form to fill out so we can make sure you get your referral credit.


2: Refer Your Clients

You can start sending this link to any and all of your clients who you think would love extensions! (Remember, extensions aren't just for length - they are great for your clients with hair loss or who just want thicker hair, too!) Want your own customized link so we can track how many clicks you're getting? Just ask and we will send you your own customized referral link.

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3: Get That Money, Honey

Once your referral gets those new extensions we will Venmo you your $100 referral reward ASAP! You will get one for every single extension guest you send. No Venmo, no problem. Just let us know and we will figure out how to get you paid.