Welcome to the Salon Sisterhood!

an exclusive, passionate group of like-minded salon owners and stylists looking to grow their social media presence through education, collaboration and engagement
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Cheers to You! 

     Here in the Salon Sisterhood we want to see you grow your following and your confidence in social media and what it can do for your business.

     While this group will mostly serve as an "engagement pod" that allows us to like, comment and support each other's content consistently to grow our followings, it is our goal to see this group eventually become a sisterhood where we can share our best tips and tricks we have found for social media and marketing our businesses.

     So if you're ready to get serious about growing your social media reach and showing the world what you got going on - you're in the right place!

What is an Engagement Pod?

An engagement pod is when a group of similar instagram accounts follow each other and decide on a specific time every day to post on social media. At that time, everyone in the group engages with each other's posts. This tells the instagram algorithm that the content that was just posted is excellent, and worth showing more people!

Posting at the same time, and engaging right away is essential for success. This is because from the moment you post, instagram only shows your content to a few select of your followers. If those people do not engage enough with the content, it does not show it to more of your followers and your beautiful content you worked so hard on "dies".

That's where an engagement pod comes in. When you post and share in the group and a bunch of your salon sisters jump on with love, likes and comments immediately it tells instagram that your content is worth looking at, and shows it to more of your followers. This means more eyeballs on your work, more likes and followers - and most importantly - more opportunity to make real money through your Instagram!

How does it work?




At 6:30 MST we post our content! Show instagram what you got and post your best content now.



After you post, click the "send" button to share it to the Salon Sister's instagram message group.



Comment, like and engage on 5 sister's instagram posts in the message group. That's it!

Do I need to be a woman to join the sisterhood?

No way! As long as you're in the beauty industry as a salon owner or hairstylist looking to grow your social media presence - you're a sister to us!

The Rules

these rules make a more positive experience for everyone in the group by encouraging quality content and engagement from everyone in it

Posting Time

The posting time is set to 6:30 MST. This time was selected in order to accommodate multiple time zones and ensure peak engagement time. You must post within 15 minutes of 6:30 in order to participate in that day's engagement. 


Engage A Minimum of 3X / Week

Even if you're not posting! Make sure you're staying an active member in the group by commenting & engaging with the other members at least 3 days / week, even if you don't have anything to share that day. 


Engage with At Least 3 People

You must like & comment on at least three member's posts to participate. If you feel like doing more - awesome, but it's not required. Make sure you are following everyone in the group and trying to engage with different members as much as possible. 


Post Authentic, Quality Content

If you want people to engage with your posts, you need to post something engagement-worthy. Photos of hair with no context or story, or stock photos without a great caption or "filler content" will not work. Remember, we are trying to get our most excellent content to more people and our members can't engage with you unless it's in an authentic way. 


Engage Authentically

When you comment on a fellow sister's post, please try to at least skim the caption. We are developing relationships here, and so please comment uniquely to the content that was posted, instead of the same comment for everyone.

(Note: Just a reminder - Instagram only counts comments that are 4 words or longer - not including emojis!) 


Have Fun & Share!

Have you found something that's working for you on social media, or a new trick or inspiration photo for a hair pose to share? Share it in the group so we can all learn from each other and grow together!