What to expect before your extension re-installation appointment

from start to finish - here's what to look forward to during your extension installation appointment

1. You do not need to come with freshly washed hair.

Your hair will be washed during your appointment. However, your extensions will NOT be washed at this time (with the exception of microbead push-ups, because all of the hair will be washed together at the end), so please arrive with your extension hair in the state you would like it to be reinstalled in.

2. You can expect to see a lot of shedded hair come out when your hair extensions are removed. 

The average person sheds 50-150 hairs per day. All of this hair cannot fall out naturally when it is in an extension bond, so when the extensions are removed all of that shedded hair can be combed out. If this is your first removal or reinstallation appointment this can be quite jarring when you see so much natural hair being combed out. Keep in mind this is perfectly normal and simply shedded hair that could not fall out naturally on its own.

3. If your natural hair is severely matted, your service could take longer.

Inconsistent brushing, going to bed with wet or damp hair, and overall neglect of your extensions shows when you arrive to your reinstallation appointment with matted & tangled hair. If this is the case your stylist will have to spend more time detangling your hair & removing mats which can be painful depending on the severity. Your stylist will go over your aftercare with you again at this time if we feel there are improvements you can make in your aftercare.

Please note that in the future your stylist will need to assign a detangling fee for extra time spent detangling matted hair. If matting and excessive tangling continues to  be a problem you may be advised to switch to a different extension method or be advised not to continue getting hair extensions. We take the health of your natural hair very seriously and we require proper home hair in order to continue receiving extension services at our salon.

4. If you are worried your hair may be becoming excessively tangled or matted before your reinstallation appointment...

reach out to us! You can pop in for a quick maintenance for us to have a look at your hair and make sure they are being taken care of properly and are in great shape. You can also text us photos of your hair to our salon number and we can advise you from there.

Remember, we have detailed home care tutorial videos in our Crown At Home Care series which is free to all of our extension guests. These videos cover brushing, washing and other home care topics to ensure you have a textbook extension experience. If you need help accessing these videos, please reach out to us.