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Crown Extension Studio feature in Salon Today Magazine

"Growth Comes to an Extensions-Only Salon"

by Roseanne Ullman, January 25, 2022

Building the Numbers

"While super-long hair goes in and out of style, fullness in hair is something women continue to request, Bowden says.

“For us, hair extensions are for every woman,” she notes. “Our messaging is rarely about length. We focus on women who are working and just want to look the way they used to with fullness in their hair. It’s the same as anti-aging products—always something women want.”

Clients experience hair thinning for various reasons, she explains, adding, “We get women with thyroid, stress, and hormonal conditions. All of that causes hair loss. What are the options for someone with fine, thinning hair? They have to get a pixie cut or a bob? Hair extensions give women the confidence in their hair they used to have when they were younger. We’ve seen women come in looking one way, and it’s a whole different person leaving.”

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Crown Extension Studio Winner of Top 200 Salon in North America - 2 years in a row!

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SALON TODAY’s landmark salon business competition also shifted, temporarily abandoning its sharp focus on growth, and instead choosing to celebrate the business successes of 2019 and the tales of leadership and heroism for 2020.

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SALON TODAY strived to capture the successful salons who survived, strengthened their businesses and their teams, and rebuilt in 2021 to poise themselves for growth in 2022.

Crown Extension Studio on Fox 21 News

"Get the Long Hair You’ve Always Wanted with Simple and Painless Hair Extensions"

by Mia Atkins, May 29, 2018


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