It's time to bust 'em:

Top Hair Extension Myths

Myth No. 1

“Hair extensions will damage my hair & keep it from growing.”

The correct extension method for you will not cause damage to your natural hair.

In most cases, our guests are able to even grow their natural hair out while wearing extensions! 

That being said, hair extensions that are done poorly or are the wrong method for your hair type WILL cause damage. If your stylist gathers too much or too little hair in a section, places it too close to the scalp or in areas that cannot support the weight of the extension, the natural hair will mostly be pulled out.

In very rare cases, some women may have a weak follicular funnel that cannot support any hair weight or pressure, and this can be tested prior to the application of hair extensions. In the cases of the wrong hair type being chosen, a woman with not enough density of hair may be recommended a method such as a microbeads, fusion, or weft-type extensions that will cause too much weight for their natural hair and cause it to fall out. We can perform a gentle "pull test" to check your hair for a weak follicular funnel.

Proper home-care and maintenance is essential to maintaining the health of your natural hair. Your stylist will educate you on proper home care of your extensions.

It’s very important to make sure your stylist is fully educated and competent in extensions, and at Crown Salon we pride ourselves on our hair our ability to provide high quality extensions- without the damage.

Myth No. 2

“Hair extensions will show in my hair & look really obvious.”

While pictures of celebrities caught by the paparazzi with their hair extensions showing may deter you from trying extensions, there are ways to hide and wear your extensions without fear of showing!

Your stylist will place your extensions far enough away from your hairline that you should be able to wear your hair up or down, almost any way you please, without fear of showing.

Your stylist will also give you quick tips on how to style your hair as to avoid this problem, too! As your extensions grow out, it does become harder to hide, so make sure you are keeping up on your regularly scheduled hair extension maintenance and you will be fine!

Myth No. 3

“It’s really hard to take care of hair extensions.”

We have a motto here at Crown, “Take care of your extensions like your own hair, but better.”

That being said, all you need to do to keep your extensions looking beautiful for as long as possible is to just have good hair habits!

Things like using good quality products (we give you a goodie bag of our favorite extension products for free when you get extensions from us), brushing regularly, washing & styling gently with heat protection, and avoiding saltwater & chlorine are all you need to keep your hair looking great.

We will be sure to inform you of everything you need to know to take care of your hair extensions, provide how-to videos, and even give you a printed copy of any instructions you may need so that you can be sure you will know everything when it comes to taking care of your new hair! 

Myth No. 4

“Hair extensions are uncomfortable.”

Extensions can be quite comfortable with the right method for you, even more comfortable than clip ins or temporary extensions.

Because permanent extensions are professionally installed and meant to be worn consistently, most women don’t even feel a difference after getting them done! There are only two exceptions to this:

  1. We find that the first couple of nights you sleep with your extensions take some getting used to because when you have your hair against a pillow you do tend to feel your extensions more. This should’t cause any pain or lack of sleep, just a strange feeling that most women get used to after the second night.
  2. About 1 in every 100 women have extremely sensitive scalps and will not be a good candidate for extensions. If you think you may be one of these women, try wearing a few bobby pins a quarter inch from your scalp all day. If you are overly irritated and experience pain, then extensions of any kind may not be right for you.

Myth No. 5

“Hair extensions are too expensive.”

While hair extensions are definitely a luxury service — your extension investment with us includes all of the cutting/blending/styling and $100 worth of hair extensions product!

We have a hair extension package for every hair length/volume dream -- from a mini-volume treatment (a few, strategically placed extensions around the face) to a Full Length & Volume Transformation (ALL the hair that reasonably fits on your head for maximum length and volume).

What’s important to know is that your first-time cost is higher than your maintenance.

Why? Because your first-time cost includes all of your 100% human, remy, ethically-sourced Bellami hair extensions which are some of the best money can buy. This hair can last up to a year or longer with proper care, while other, less expensive brands may only last one application, costing you more money and hassle in the long-term. Because of this, you can expect to pay almost 4x more for your initial installation than your maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. While you can expect cheaper, lower quality extensions to only last one use.

We use all-inclusive extension pricing to keep it simple and easy-to-understand for our clients. After your 100% free, in person consultation, your extension price includes not only the cost of your hair in unlimited blends and colors that we keep in stock and on-hand (and by custom order if necessary), but also your professional application, and any cutting or blending that is needed to make your extensions look 100% natural, as well as your styling and instructions on how to care for your extensions, professional product recommendations to keep your extensions looking beautiful, and our guarantee that should you lose any extensions within your first 6 weeks wear time, we will reinstall those pieces for free, which gives our guests tremendous peace of mind!

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