Crown Extension Model

you only pay for your hair

...we take care of the rest!

in-depth consultation
color matching
expert installation
seamless blending
styling & mini photoshoot
discounted model membership to maintain your extensions

Check out what one of our other models had to say about her experience at Crown


"I couldn’t be happier with how my extensions turned out!"

I have always had a dream for long hair...I even started taking a biotin supplement that is supposed to help your hair and nails. I didn’t feel like it helped as much as I was expecting, so when the option for hair extensions came around, I didn’t waste a minute.

I made the drive to Colorado Springs because Crown had such a great reputation. When I arrived, everyone was so welcoming and excited that I was there. The salon was the cutest.

The install was only about an hour and so easy. It was painless and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. They matched the color to my hair perfectly and did a combo of colors to make it look just right. I feel incredibly blessed to work with the ladies at Crown."


Lo Botkin
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Model Financial Commitment

As an extension  model you are responsible for the cost of the hair itself, and Crown will cover the rest.

16-20" - $600

22" - $800

24" - $1,000

Crown Extension Studio is proud to be a Bellami hair ambassador, the most recognized extension brand in the world.

Your hair will be custom ordered and shipped to our salon based our unique hair color blend after your consultation by us. You will not be responsible for the ordering process of your extensions.

Our extensionistas will be happy to help guide you towards your perfect method, length, color and amount of hair during your extension consultation should you be chosen as a model.


The Fine Print

Model Expectations:

  • Agree to participate in photos and video for Crown Extension Studio's marketing efforts and social media. Model may be asked to film a video testimonial in the salon and agrees that participation excludes them from our free extensions for a year promotion. 
  • Model understands that the cost of hair used for extensions is the financial responsibility of the model, as well as any take-home products deemed necessary to maintain extensions. Crown is providing extension consultation, application, blending & styling at no cost to the model.
  • Model understands that reinstallation of their extensions is not included. 
  • Model agrees to sign hair extension release form.