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Did you know that as an extension membership-holder you will save over $1,000 a year on your extensions?
That's just the savings on your reinstallation every 8 weeks as well as your brand new extensions every 6 months. But what if there was more your extension membership could do for you?
Well now there is.
It's still a secret right now, but this Black Friday we will be unveiling our brand new and redesigned extension membership - and we wanted you to be the first to take advantage of it as an existing member before anyone else gets it.
In addition to all of your extension reinstallations being included as well as new hair every 6 months - we are adding another perk to our new membership: you can now choose any length you want for your new hair - up to 24 inches!*

The hair of your dreams is more affordable than ever!

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday ONLY - be the first to reserve your extension consultation, sign up for our brand new weft membership and earn hundreds of dollars in bonuses!

See how our our brand new vip weft membership ADDS UP TO BIG SAVINGS!

How much money do our members save?

Check out this example annual cost comparison that is common for most of our guests:

VIP Weft Member

  • Early Bird Bonus Points Value: $300 value to spend at Crown.
  • 2 Reinstallations:  INCLUDED with your membership
  • New Hair every 6 months:  INCLUDED with your membership

Total Annual Cost : $3,960

No Membership

  • New Hair Cost: $1,290
  • Hair Color / Highlights: $300
  • 2 Reinstallations: Regular price $525/each
  • New Hair every 6 months: $1,290

Total Annual Cost : $4,980


Membership is only $330/mo. and our members save an average of over $1,000/year on their hair extension costs!

Special bonuses only for members who upgrade their membership early:

    • INTRODUCING VIP MEMBERSHIP POINTS! - As a member, every single dollar you spend at Crown equals points that earn you free services, products and other goodies! And since every membership payment you make equals dollar for dollar points, they will add up quickly.

    • 6,000 VIP POINTS - when you upgrade your membership early! That's a $300 value to spend at Crown Extension Studio! But hurry fast - those who book after Black Friday only get half the points!

    • REFER-A-FRIEND BONUS - Refer a friend and DOUBLE your points! If your friend gets extensions you can earn up to 12,000 points - that's a $600 value!
    • MEMBERS ONLY EVENTS AND SALES - members will be able to earn double points during our members only sales and earn double points on all product purchases during your birthday month!
Cream with Blue Glasses Pattern Cocktail Menu-2

These special bonuses are just our thanks to you for being an early adopter of our new membership. 

HURRY FAST - these hundreds of dollars in bonuses drop by half when you upgrade after Black Friday and go away completely after Cyber Monday!

As a current member you are set to stay on your same membership until you renew at the end of your 6 month term, at which point your membership will be automatically upgraded to the new membership and you will start earning points on your regular purchases.

But if you want the extra 6,000 bonus points and chance to double your points by referring a friend you will want to upgrade your membership sooner by clicking the link below. By upgrading your membership early you will not be restarting your membership - you will still be eligible for your new hair at the same time as before based on how many payments you have already made.