Essential Extension Questions

  • Why are most salon owners leaving money on the table when offering hair extensions?
    (It should be the most profitable and luxurious service)
  • Why are stylists who have completed expensive courses or certifications not actually doing the extension service?
  • Why are salons losing extension guests & not keeping them as long-term clients?

What are some of the top questions salon owners have about adding extensions to their business?

  • How do I make the most profit from offering hair extensions?
  • How do I hire the right stylists that excel at & enjoy doing hair extensions?
  • Who is a good candidate for extensions and which extensions are right for different people?
  • How do I recognize ‘red flags' in a potential extension guest?
  • How do I turn current guests into long-term extension clients?
  • How do I charge for my consultations & get a deposit?
  • How do I make sure that my guest is taking care of their hair at home so they have an amazing experience?
  • How do I get to the bottom of why a guest is having problems with their extensions & figure out if it’s their fault or mine?
  • There are so many extension brands out there - how do I find the right one & get the best customer service?
  • Help! I’m drowning in hair orders! How do I make sure that the guest’s hair is always there on time and ready to go?
  • Can I protect myself legally? Do I need a formal agreement?

Don't leave money on the table!

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The best $200 investment - ever!

Jenna Bowden, Owner

Jenna Bowden built a profitable salon brand from scratch:

  • Over half a million in revenue from extension services yearly
  • Over 1,000 extension services performed / year
  • Owner of 2X Salon Today Top 200 Salon 
  • Converts over 80% of hair extension consultations into high-ticket extension guests (averaging 20+ / month!)
  • Envisioned and designed an unique extension membership program that creates over $13,000 of income monthly
  • Is the premiere extension salon in Colorado Springs (population of half a million!)
  • Recognized as a brand ambassador for the top hair extension brand in the world

Crown Extension Studio feature in Salon Today Magazine

"Growth Comes to an Extensions-Only Salon"

by Roseanne Ullman, January 25, 2022

Building the Numbers

"By the time 2021 came to a close, Crown Extension Studio had grown 50%. Bowden was able to step away from working behind the chair, concentrating on marketing and management instead. Another major was change was becoming a gratuity-free salon.

Comparing the first half of 2021 with the second half, Bowden calculates her before-and-after financial picture:

  • Revenue grew 26%, from $231K in the first six months to $292K in the second six months. “This was despite rebuilding a team entirely from scratch and retiring myself from behind the chair,” Bowden says.
  • The number of returning guests doubled from 231 returning guests to 483.
  • Bowden was able to increase payroll by 76%, she says, “to provide a better life to my ‘extensionistas’ and assist in recruitment and retention. I am able to do this comfortably while keeping my payroll cost at a healthy 35%. My stylists are paid a salary between $53,000 and $65,000 and receive paid vacation and holidays. This is even after we stopped accepting tips. We are a team-based-pay salon.”
  • Extension membership revenue increased by 51%, from $53K to $81K. The average member pays $330/month"

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Don't leave money on the table!

Schedule your 90-minute call that answers your most pressing extension business questions

The best $200 investment - ever!