Express Extensions

easy on your schedule, easy on your budget

Are express extensions right for you?

Express extensions may be right for you if...

  1. You need a super budget-friendly option. Express extensions are only $297, including your hair, installation and blending!
  2. You can't come to the salon often for maintenance. Express installations only take 60 minutes and are only needed every 3 months.
  3. You're wanting just a little bit more volume. Express extensions are perfect for giving you just a little bit more hair to work with when styling for fuller ponytails and bigger curls.

Permanent extensions may be right for you if...

  1. You want more length. Express extensions are great for adding a bit more volume, but is not enough hair to add significant length.
  2. You want to add a significant amount of volume to your hair. We have tons of other extension options for mega volume if that's what you're looking for!
  3. You're looking for another method besides fusions. We use fusion extensions for our express services because of their 3-month wear time and ability to be customized to your hair.

3 easy steps to your Express Extensions



At your consultation appointment your extensionista will find your perfect color match, length & style extensions for you.


Appointment Day

You will arrive to your appointment with clean, dry hair and in one hour our extensionistas will install and blend your new extensions.

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Did you know we offer an Express Membership? For only $97 a month you can maintain your express extensions forever.

Frequently Asked Questions about Express:

Q: What type of extensions are included in express?

A. Up to one pack of fusion extensions will be used during your express service and we will install as much as we can within one hour. Fusion extensions stay in for up to 3 months with no maintenance.

Q. What is included in the membership?

 A. Removal of your old extensions and installation and blending of your brand-new fusion extensions every 3 months.

Q. I have very fine hair, is express right for me?

A. Most likely, yes! We can customize your fusion extension bonds to match the density of your hair for maximum comfort, versatility and discreet wear.

Q. What if I want more hair? 

A. We offer tons of other extension packages that suit your desired look and hair needs! Check them out here