The Crown Consultation

Part of what makes Crown a luxury hair experience is how we make sure to tailor your extensions to fit you, your hair type, and lifestyle

Step 1

You'll receive an intake form when you arrive to give us some basic information about your hair as a jumping off point. After that you'll be soon greeted by one of our friendly extensionistas who will get to know everything about your hair.

Don't hold back. We want to know it all! This will help us determine the best extension method for you.


Step 2

Now that we have gotten to know your hair it's our turn to make our professional recommendations.

We will discuss the extension method, color match and length that we feel best suits your hair as well as discuss your beauty budget and make a plan for the big day!


Step 3

This is the most exciting part! Once we have our plan we will schedule your extension transformation appointment.

We will take a deposit to hold your reservation and order your hair extensions.

Your new hair will be here waiting for you on transformation day.

How to arrive prepared for your consultation with us

1. You should try to arrive with clean hair in it's "natural" state

This helps us better see your hair color, your density and what texure we are working with. However, if you ALWAYS straighten your hair or alter it's natural state - please arrive with your hair like this so that we know how you will most likely be wearing your hair's texture.

2. You should have an idea of your beauty budget 

We know that extensions are a luxury service, that's why it is good to have an idea of what you are prepared to invest. You can view all of our extension pricing right here on our website under "Hair Extensions". Your stylist will recommend what method and look will be best for you and give you a quote for your total extension cost during your consultation. (P.S. Crown is a gratuity-free salon, so no need to budget for tipping during your time here!)

3. This is the best time to get all of your extension questions answered

When you arrive to your extension consultation appointment you will fill out a brief hair questionairre. then your stylist will go over it with you face-to-face & not only will we let you know if you are a good candidate for extensions, we will help you chose a method & look based on what your desired result is. we will discuss price, maintenance and answer every burning question you have about extensions so you feel totally prepared.

4. A deposit is required before booking your extension service

Your deposit is a portion of your extension cost and will be required before making your extension appointment reservation. You will also be asked to sign an extension agreement form where the total cost of your services will be laid out so there are no surprises.

5. If you are planning a major color change before getting your extensions...

We match your extensions to your haircolor - not the other way around! With this in mind, we recommend having your haircolor as close to the way you want it to look when you have your extensions, because the color you come to your consultation with is the haircolor we wil be matching your extensions to. If you will be needing hair coloring services prior to your extensions you can also discuss this with your extensionista during your consultation.

When you should wait to book your consultation

1. Your hair is really short and you want length, not just volume

In order to add length with extensions we will need your shortest top layer to reach at least your chin in the front and bottom of your hairline in the back. This will ensure that your extensions look as realistic as possible. If you're not sure if your hair is long enough feel free to text pictures of your current hair to our salon at 719.247.8104

2. Your beauty budget isn't ready yet

Extensions are a luxury service and require long-term upkeep, not just your initial service! To make maintaining your extensions as easy and budget-friendly for you we offer convenient memberships with a simple once a month automatic payment.

While we do offer budget-friendly extension options, keep in mind that most of our guests want weft extensions that cost $1,350 for initial installation & then opt for one of our membership options at $237 a month to maintain them.

If these types of extensions aren't within your budget check out our pages on Express Extensions or Clip In Extensions.

3. You are currently going through an extreme shedding phase

If you are currently experience a lot of hair loss for any reason, adding hair extensions can definitely add more stress to your hair's follicle. While extensions are extremely safe for naturally fine or thin hair that is healthy, we recommend that if you are currently experiencing abnormal shedding you wait until your shedding has slowed to a normal amount for you before booking your consultation.

4. You're about to go through a major haircolor change (and you want to see another stylist)

We understand if you love your colorist and want to see them for your color and us for your extensions. However, if you're planning a major color change before your extensions and you're not going to use our salon for your coloring services we recommend that you get your haircolor the way you want it first and then come see us for your consultation so we can match it.